cake containers

    • emilio

      cake container round, flat & high

      emilio can keep them together. And it’s pretty good at it too. emilio allows cakes to be cut into equal pieces to the millimetre. The cutting grooves on the presenter plate make it easy. The plate has additional space underneath for everything that you need for successful coffee part, such as cutlery and serviettes.

    • gino

      loaf shaped cake container

      Everything in one box! gino is great for Swiss rolls, Christmas stollen or loaf cakes and is ready for the next coffee party. And don’t worry, gino will make sure no cake ends up on the floor. It has a reliable clip to securely seal in your delicious delights.

    • marcello

      marble cake container

      marcello makes any party run smoothly. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or Christmas – simply any occasion where delicious cakes and sweet pastries are not only a delight to see, but also to eat – this round cake tin keep all pieces intact.

    • paolo

      food & muffin butler

      paolo plays an important role at any party. Whether it’s a sandwich, cake or muffin, it makes sure every snack has its best side showing. And another very important thing: The presenter plate has small air holes, allowing any liquids to drain away.

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