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giulia gets everything in shape – from panna cotta to tartar. Things never get boring with giulia. That is why each cold pudding mould comes with small inserts with various motifs for different occasions. You can choose between flowers, hearts or stars. Not only this, but giulia is also comfortable and easy to handle. Simply take off the lid, turn it upside down and turn out your tasty treats. It sounds easy, and it is!

9,65 x 10,04 x 1,97 inches9,65 x 10,04 x 1,97 inches
9,65 x 10,04 x 2,17 inches9,65 x 10,04 x 2,17 inches
624 - aquamarine624 - aquamarine
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article number: 10754 / 10755

product information

giulia is always in shape.

  • easy to handle thanks to ergonomic shape
  • leakproof seal
  • with or without decoration: flower, heart or star

product dimensions

3 x 0,05 gal – 9,65 x 10,04 x 2,17 inches
6 x 0,03 gal – 9,65 x 10,04 x 1,97 inches

care instructions

  • dishwasher safe
  • suitable for food contact
  • Usage temperature 32 to 176 °F


  • PP/TPE
  • Bisphenol A-free plastic

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