Orange cream with spiced orange salad
Small but perfectly formed!
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There is something delicious on the table. This orange cream with spiced orange salad is just as tasty as it looks. Refreshing, creamy, delicious! We are so addicted to it, we want to share our favourite recipe with you. You’re welcome!

orange cream with orange salad


Cream ingredients
5 leaves of gelatine
5 untreated oranges
200 g sour cream
200 g cream yoghurt
4 cl orange liqueur (e.g. Cointreau)
125 ml orange juice
50 g sugar
100 ml cream

Spiced orange salad ingredients
125 ml white wine
125 ml orange juice
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
3 cloves
1 small cinnamon stick

Preparation time: 40 minutes
Cooling time: 3 hours

First of all, grease the dessert rings with sunflower oil. Then refrigerate the rings.

Soak the gelatine in cold water. Then wash the oranges in hot water. Three of the oranges can be filleted. The other two oranges can be neatly grated. That means grate off the peel, and use a lemon squeeze to squeeze out the juice.

So that everything runs smoothly, mix the sour cream, cream yoghurt, orange liqueur and grated-off orange zest in a mariella mixing bowl. Now beat the cream until it stiffens. Then dissolve the drained gelatine and the sugar in the heated orange juice, and stir it into the mixture. When the mixture has set, carefully add the cream. Now divide the orange mousse between six dessert rings, before covering and refrigerating.

For the spiced orange salad, boil the white wine, orange juice, vanilla sugar, cloves and cinnamon to the boil, until everything is reduced by about half. Now stir a little starch into the orange juice and add it to the spicy stock. When the stock has cooled, it can be used to marinate the orange slices.

Last of all, use a small, sharp knife to remove the cream from the mould, and to turn it out onto small dessert plates. Garnish the orange cream with the spiced orange salad, and voilà!



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