kitchen aids

    • enzo

      multi-yolk plate to separate up to 10 eggs

      With enzo, separate yolks from egg whites is child’s play. Crack eggs on the edge as usual and tip over the separator. The egg white flows into the catch tray. The egg yolk remains in the recess of the egg separator. Thanks to the separator’s smooth surface, you can be sure that the egg yolk will not break. It’s great fun, as sure as eggs is eggs!

    • federico

      mixing shaker with spout

      federico mixes it up. It shakes and mixes what’s inside the tool: Sauces, batters, dressings, drinks and much more. It’s also possible to position the filter sieve centrally to ensure everything is well mixed. But it’s not necessary, federico is a great mixer even without a filter. So shake it, baby! Shake it!

    • kipy

      egg yolk separator

      Can usually be seen when out on a walk in the park or the woods, but has recently also been spotted in the kitchen from time to time: kipy. The funny squirrel who’s as cute as he is useful. Simple press on his belly and kipy will suck up the egg yolk. It’s quick and easy to separate eggs.

    • tabea

      icing sugar dispenser

      Sweet as sugar, little tabea. The fantastic powder fairy sprinkles icing sugar all over tasty cakes or hot waffles. And when she’s not sprinkling, she can be stored away quickly and easily in the cupboard with the lid on. So the cupboard stays clean and the icing sugar stays fresh.

    • valentina

      lemon press with cup

      Who could be sour about that? With valentina, squeezing lemons is great fun. Simply halve the lemon and place inside the press. Hey presto! The lemon juice pours into the beaker. And all without bothersome lemon pips which drop neatly into the filter.

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